Ep. 10: Teens Encounter Christ with Gwen Lawson


Gwen Lawson (The Whiskey Journal) sits down on the PODcast to talk about a surprising tonal shift in POD’s music, a friend pretending to like Reliant-K to impress boys, and something in Nebraska called Teens Encounter Christ.

In this episode I promised to link to a promo for Gwen's show and then I was lazy about getting this episode online, so just pretend you were there, and follow her on Twitter for future show dates.

Ep. 6: Katy Perry and Other Surprising Nu-Metal Artists with Jordan Olds


Jordan Olds (Be Yourself) teaches us some actual things about music because he's actually a musician. POD responds to the viral news about Katy Perry, and we work on nailing down exactly what qualifies as nu metal. You can see Jordan and Be Yourself at their charity show at Webster Hall. Why wouldn't you want to do pop punk karaoke?!